Our Programme

The Lets Talk Weight/ Diabetes Prevention programme has been specifically designed for people at risk of Type 2 diabetes and a BMI over 25.

This FREE 12 week programme will support you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The specially trained facilitator will provide information on healthy eating, show members how to understand food labels, support people to become physically active, provide information about diabetes risk and stress. Being with like minded people with similar goals, will also allow you to support each other and gain valuable tips from the group.

The programme is available at a range of times and venues across Medway, so book today and start working towards your healthier lifestyle.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To increase knowledge around healthy eating, importance of activity and how this can improve your lifestyle
  • To help you achieve your weight loss and other goals
  • To increase awareness of diabetes, its impact on health and what can be done to prevent it
  • To help you understand your risk and what you can do to reduce it
  • To get support from others to help maintain the motivation needed to make the necessary changes
  • To find out what other resources are available in Medway that can help you achieve your goals
  • The programme offers no magical cures to achieve your goals, but the content is based on the best possible evidence of what works. The specially trained facilitators will be using their experience and knowledge to create a supportive environment, that allows people to achieve their goals. Group members are encouraged to contribute and share as much as they feel comfortable with and listen to others’ experiences.

Following the initial 12 week programme, all members are encouraged to return for 3 follow up session, to access further support and keep us updated on how they are getting on with their goals.

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