Booking your programme

Please complete all of the following details to book onto a programme. We will then email you a confirmation letter and send a reminder message close to the start of the course.

If you were identified as high risk on the risk score, we would encourage you to have a blood test to ensure you do not already have Type 2 diabetes. You can have this done while you wait for your programme to start. So please tick the box at the bottom of the page, and we will email you the blood form and instructions of what to do next.


By submitting this information, you are giving consent for Medway Council to collect the information you have provided. Medway Council will contact you regarding your programme booking, providing correspondence (such as confirmation letters) and other important information related to the programme. This information will not be shared with any other organisation, except your GP surgery, who we notify with your progress on the programme. If you do not wish for us to notify your GP surgery, please inform us before the programme commences and we will cancel all notifications.

*Please note if there are no programmes on the dropdown box above, we may not have any available spaces or upcoming courses. Please call us on 01634 334814 for more information.