1st week

Healthy Way

Get a pedometer – discuss gently increasing your daily steps and individual targets. Having some personal goals can really help towards success.


"The pedometer is a big motivator!"

James, 69 Find out what James thinks

2nd week

Eat Well

Looking at the ‘eatwell guide, a chance to consider how you can balance different food groups, make simple food swaps. Really handy tips to curb snacking.
eat well in paint

"It helped me understand the food groups more clearly. Especially the different sugars. I understand that although fruit is good for me, a fist-sized portion is enough!"

Alex, 61 Find out what Alex thinks

3rd week

All about food

A session looking at portion sizes, fats oils and sugars and menu planning.

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

"I’ve learnt to moderate what I eat more. I can have jam, but just a little. This works for me, I’ve done really well."


4th week

Diabetes prevention

Gain an understanding of what you can do to prevent your risk of diabetes.

Word Cloud - Diabetes

"The details about diabetes week was very good."

Claire, 45 Find out what Claire thinks

5th week

Stress management

Understand the different forms of stress, how it impacts the body, our health and can affect diabetes risk. Plus get some helpful tips for managing stress.

Compass on background.

"The stress management was very interesting - especially the fight or flight bit. If you get stressed, you lay down sugars in your body. "


6th week

Behaviour change

Understand how making small changes can add up to a big difference to your health.

Change start button on a black dashboard background - Conceptual 3D render image with depth of field blur effect dedicated to motivation purpose.

"The behaviour of change week was very interesting - you contemplate and begin actions to make changes to behaviour. We set achievable goals - don’t bite off more than you can chew."


7th week

Pre-prepared world

Understanding food labels. This session breaks down myths and how food is packaged to sometimes seem like a healthier option an eye-opening session! Learn to read between the lines on food packaging and make more informed choices in the supermarket.
traffic lights

"I really look at labels now. I look out for the red traffic light labels and buy less of these now. I’ve also cut down on portion sizes. The course has been really helpful."


8th week

Kick start

Find out about Medway health walks and other free activities; – gentle, social walks in the great outdoors led by trained volunteers. Guided walks lasting from 10-60 minutes.

group of nordic walkers- slight motion blur

"Since I’ve been walking my digestive problems have gone. I walk a friends dog everyday now."


9th week

Lifestyle and environment

How products are sold to us by food manufacturers and supermarkets, such as promotions and advertisements. Highlighting how our environment can affect our health and wellbeing.

"The obesogenic environment - I didn’t know how supermarkets place food; firms pay to put food on the end of aisles and at different heights to catch your eye."


10th week

Your health

This week we take a look at the links between cholesterol, and heart disease.

3D illustration of Heart - Part of Human Organic.


Our Programme

11th week

Maintaining progress

Advice, tips, tricks and common sense ways to enjoy the jolly season whilst avoiding over-indulging. Final discreet measurements and discussions about how you’ve found the course and plans going forwards.

Stepping stones in water

"It has been tremendously helpful. There’s nothing to lose, I recommend people come on the programme. It’s helped me to eat more fruit."


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